Free Online Grief Support Group

We host a monthly meeting the first Sunday of every month, our next one hour meeting will be hosted on 08/04/2024 @ 12PM EST.

It will be hosted virtually via Zoom, please RSVP via Meetup.

We also try to host additional meetings in-between but they don’t have a set schedule.

The meeting will go for an hour but in the event that we have full capacity, then we may go over a few minutes to give everyone an opportunity to share. Please try to keep your contributions brief to give everyone an equal chance to speak.

Our primary focus is dealing with loss related to death or relationships. This includes the death of a loved one (human/pet) and relationship issues (divorce, breakup, disagreement with a friend etc.).

In our meeting we will open the floor to anyone who wishes to share their grief with the group and then we will discuss some healthy ways of dealing with it. Being open about your grief may be difficult for some people, therefore, it is voluntary to share anything.

We take a secular approach to dealing with loss but respect spirituality so you are free to discuss spiritual matters if it is part of your journey. However, please don’t push your beliefs onto other people and likewise, we ask that everyone be respectful towards each other’s individual beliefs. This is not a platform for debating religion.

Note: While the facilitator has received training for facilitating grief support, they are not a licensed mental health professional so please refer to an appropriate provider if you are in need of clinical counseling.